Sales Talent & Brand Ambassadors Recruitment

Recruiting the best sales talent & brand ambassadors is a crucial step towards your success

Are you having troubles recruiting the right brand ambassadors? Are your brand ambassadors not punctual or often do not show up to a shift? Avoid the last minute panic while your staff doesn’t show up by leaving the hiring to the experts like us.

Ambassadors implement your vision from start to finish, they deliver the sales and marketing results you expect. They promote your brand philosophy and are your brand advocates. Hiring the best person to get the job done is a crucial step towards your success, which is why it is important to leave the recruitment to us.

We have various stages in our interview process which help us in identifying the best talent. Over the years, we have established the best method to identify the best talent. Not only do we constantly hire new talent, we also have access to a roster of well trained and experienced talent who are already executing successful campaigns for us. Additionally, we ensure to conduct thorough background and reference checks before we hire new talent.

Leave the recruitment to us, we provide the following solutions:

  • Short term staff needed immediately
  • Permanent sales staff that deliver consistent results

Benefits of our recruitment solutions:

  • Lesser cost and hassle – no payroll costs, no benefits costs and no need to have expensive software for payroll tracking
  • We are the experts, after numerous events, we understand what qualities are crucial towards the success of ambassadors
  • Access to our current roster of well trained and experienced sales talent and brand ambassadors

  • Globe & Mail - Accelerated Sales Campaign - Vancouver Home & Design Show - Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Globe & Mail - Accelerated Sales Campaign - Women's Show - Metro Toronto Convention Centre


You can contact us to discuss our recruitment solutions. Alternatively, if you are looking to work as a sales ambassador or brand ambassador at our next event, please apply here.

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