10 Ways To Increase Sales at Trade Shows

Are you looking to get the best bang for your buck at a B2C trade show? Read on to see our 10 best tips to increase your sales at trade shows:

    1. Pitch isn’t everything

      Having a memorized pre-scripted pitch does not work. Instead of speaking all the time, you should stop and listen to your customers. Ask engaging questions and find out about your customers’ needs. As a result of this, you will be able to inform your customers about how your company can fulfill their needs. The best way to approach customers is to ask questions and get them thinking.

  1. Don’t give away free swag

    Make your customer work for your company swag. If you have a long sales cycle, talk to your customer first and then make sure you get their contact information in order to reward them with your company swag. For a short sales cycle, reward your customer with your brand swag as soon as the sale is made. Make sure your swag is valuable, attractive, eye-catching and useful. Be innovative and creative with your swag!

  2. Create brand-immersive experiences

    Create experiences that are captivating and memorable as a result of which, customers would want to Tweet/Snapchat/Instagram about your brand. Even a different and unique booth design will blow their minds away and you’ll stand out amongst a sea of the usual booth designs. Not only will this create a positive social image for your brand, but it will also help trigger more sales.

  3.  Discounts & Customer Incentives

    Have special show discounts to entice your customers into buying right away at the trade show! Make sure this discount is only for the show, making the offer rare and exclusive will help drive up the sales. Go one step further and also offer customer incentives along with the show special discounts resulting in an offer that will be extremely difficult for your customer to walk away from.

  4.  Be Professional

    I have seen plenty of companies invest a lot in their trade show booths, only to have it all wasted away by brand ambassadors sitting down. Seated down brand ambassadors are not at the eye level of the customers which makes them appear less engaging to customers.
    The customer is naturally inclined not to disturb brand ambassadors that are seated down or that are busy chatting amongst themselves or eating at the booth. Consequently, customers will just walk away to more attractive and engaging booths.

  5.   Brand & Booth Display

    Wear clothes appropriate to your branding. Give out swag that matches your branding. The more cohesive your display is, the easier it is to recognize and relate to your brand. Ensure that you have an eye-catching booth. In a sea of booths, if you can stand out then half of your job is already done. One way to achieve this is by using digital kiosks. These kiosks have touch-screen and audio capability. Not only do they carry your branding but they also display important brand information. Furthermore, they are captivating as well.

  6.  Leave no reason for the customers to have an excuse

    Make sure you have everything to make a sale. Product enablement solutions, customer incentives, brand swag and lastly payment machines. If you only accept cash at your booth, then you are giving a reason for your customers to walk away.

  7. Hire sales professionals

    Hire sales professionals if you have limited time and poor selling skills. Sales associates sell on a daily basis and are used to being in front of an audience. They take the time to understand your product and branding and often times do a much better job at pitching your product since they bring a fresh perspective to your business. Most importantly, you do not need to put your business on hold for the duration of the trade show – you can continue to focus on running your business while the brand ambassadors will ensure the sales keep rolling in.

  8.   Feedback

    You will gain a lot of valuable feedback from constant face to face interactions with the customers. Maybe customers don’t understand your brand slogan. Or they don’t understand the purpose of your product. Or they associate your brand colors with something else. These are all valuable learnings that you can receive for free. Make sure to write down and pass along the feedback to appropriate departments. Review these learnings before you book your next trade show so that your performance can improve further.

  9.  Most importantly – Have fun!

    Pick out the best team to work with and whom you get along well with and have a blast at the trade show! Not only does this ensure that you will have a good time but as an added bonus it will increase the number of customers. If you are smiling and having a good time – people will naturally gravitate towards your booth.

If you are looking to help in coming up with a unique memorable customer experience or if you need to hire sales associates for your next trade show, then feel free to contact us. We are a one stop sales and marketing agency and we take care of everything for you! Have a look at our portfolio.

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