Top Qualities of Sales Brand Ambassadors

Are you trying to put together the perfect team of sales brand ambassadors for your next promotional event?

Here are the top qualities that you should look for while hiring brand ambassadors in order to guarantee success at your next event:

  1. Professionalism 

    Brand ambassadors should be sharp and professional. Punctual and well-dressed brand ambassadors are an important stepping stone to success. They should be reliable and show up to the shifts that they have committed to.

    Our brand ambassadors take great pride in their work and always show up on time dressed professionally. They speak professionally and respectfully with no slangs and no bad mouthing towards any other brands. They take their jobs seriously and know that their role is crucial since they are the front face of the brand that they are representing.

  2. Great Listener

    To have a successful event you need brand ambassadors that can not only talk but in fact listen more than they can talk. One of the greatest skills for selling successfully is listening. Once you understand what the customer needs, you can pitch the product accordingly and solve their problem. Also, listening is important to gather brand feedback – what is working well and what is not. Events are a great place to gather valuable feedback from all types of demographics.

  3. Sales Experience

    If you hire candidates with previous sales experience, then you know that they are used to facing rejections from customers and can work well under pressure. One of the most important sales skill is being able to handle rejections and to never give up when persuading customers to buy.

  4. Ability to decipher and communicate Brand Value Proposition

    This goes without saying since it is the most crucial part of the job. Brand ambassadors must communicate the value proposition of the brand well and understand the brand extremely well. They are the brand advocates and should be well informed. If they are unable to answer or solve a query then they should know who to ask to solve the issue at hand.

  5. Team Player

    Team work is a crucial component of the job. Brand ambassadors must be able to work with everyone – all types of personalities. They need to be able to work cooperatively and have a good team spirit to get the tasks done. We invest a lot in not only hiring the best ambassadors but also in conducting regular team building sessions to further strengthen our team.

  6. Great Attitude

    Having a great attitude is hard work and takes years to develop. Brand ambassadors that are smiling and have a positive attitude can easily overcome any obstacle along the way. They pitch when the sales are going well and they pitch when the sales are down. Their morale doesn’t get affected either way and they perform consistently. Pick brand ambassadors that love their job!

If you are still having trouble in recruiting the best brand ambassadors for your next event then contact us asap. We have a strong team of brand ambassadors that not only market your product but also have extensive sales training to increase your sales revenue. We have a roster of super talent available nationwide across Canada that we search and develop. Our success depends on the performance of our brand ambassadors – so we take this extremely seriously and invest in hiring great talent!

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