What is an accelerated Sales Campaign?

Not sure what exactly is included in our accelerated sales campaign?

Let us help you out! Let’s walk through a recent accelerated sales campaign that we held for one of our clients — The Globe and Mail. We have been working with them since 2015 on various different types of campaigns.

At the One of a Kind Christmas Event in 2016, we accelerated their sales, provided quality monthly subscribers that continued their subscription and also serviced the existing customer base.

  • Accelerated Sales

    We exceeded the expected new subscriber volume due to our accelerated sales efforts which included a team of strong sales associates. We increased the sales revenue for our client. Our team was able to drive up the monthly subscriber rate by creatively promoting and explaining the different service offerings. Our sales team was well trained regarding the brand and the product offerings. ARC Events Inc. conducted two separate training sessions with our brand ambassadors to ensure they had in depth knowledge of the brand. Our service directly increased the client’s revenue as a result of which the client made a profit by investing in our services. This is the only service that actually pays you back!

  • Good quality monthly subscribers provided by ARC Events Inc.

    We always focus on good quality customers, yes we do push customers but we are never too aggressive. A balance has to be maintained while selling. We helped show our customers the value and benefit of Globe which aided them in their buying decision. Due to this, Globe was able to retain most of the subscribers that we had signed up at the event.

  • Customer Service

    Since our brand ambassadors were well aware of the brand and the product offerings, we were able to answer any questions that the existing customer base had. Even though our goal of the campaign was accelerating sales, we went one step ahead and also serviced the existing customer base to provide a well-rounded experience to all event goers.

Our brand ambassadors were sharp and professionally dressed and arrived on time daily throughout the 11-day event.

One Stop Sales and Marketing Agency

We took care of all the aspects for the booth at the One of a Kind Show. We took care of the following:

  1. Event booth design and execution – includes kiosks, touch-screen monitors, tablets, furniture — the complete booth setup
  2. Marketing material design and printing
  3. Advance booking of the booth, booth electricity, material transport and booth insurance
  4. Set up and tear down of the booth
  5. Hiring the right sales ambassadors based on their sales aptitude, sales experience, the demographic of event goers and whether we need bilingual ambassadors or not.
  6. Onsite event manager who is present throughout the event. This is the main benefit of working with a boutique agency that the same person that handles your account is also the event manager. This way the message and execution are par excellence. The event manager motivates and monitors the team, ensures that the sales are on track and records the daily sales. We consider our personal touch as a very important service to you. We take it seriously to deliver the results.
  7. Ongoing daily event updates and final event results delivered the next day after event closure.

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