6 Tips For Your Ethnic Marketing Strategy That Guarantee Success

The latest buzz word is ethnic marketing or multicultural marketing. But what does it really entail? Do you have a strategy to reach out to your various ethnic target groups?

These 6 useful tips will get you thinking in the right direction to guarantee success for your next multicultural marketing campaign:

    1. Translating your message isn’t enough

      Ethnic Marketing involves going deeper than just translating to different languages. It is about creating a deeper connection with the roots of the ethnic group and embracing them. It is about understanding their cultural identity, their priorities, their values, their beliefs, how they mingle and how they process information.

    2. Ethnic Marketing is not only about wishing them for their cultural festivals

      Wishing your multicultural target group on their festivals is a great start. But go one step further and start connecting on a deeper level to have more of an impact. Include them in your day to day marketing efforts to have more lasting results.

    3. Tell a personal story that has not been told before

      Celebrate their history and their cultural inheritance. Talk about the everyday heroes that are not spoken of and shine a light on them. This will help in building deeper meaningful connections with the community.

    4. Reach out to them even before they land or when they are settling down

      During this stage, they are in the information gathering stage. If you can connect with them and have a meaningful impact on them, then they will most likely stay with your brand for a long time since they will view and value your brand as a valuable resource when they most needed help in an unknown foreign land.

    5. Segmenting them based on their acculturation levels

      Acculturation is a process in which members of one cultural group adopt the beliefs and behaviors of another group. Ethnic groups can be broken down into various categories based on their acculturation levels ranging from most acculturated to least acculturated. Ensure that you understand your target group well, their behaviors and their characteristics which might either represent their ethnic cultural identity or a mixed form of their new adapted identity.

    6. Go where they hang out

      Canada has diverse cultural communities. Every community has their own festivals, celebrations, events and social gatherings which take place throughout the year at different venues. Go where your target audience is and get direct feedback from them face to face. Help spread your brand through direct contact and via word of mouth. Help establish a stronger brand association by being present where they are. This will also help you in your market research and help you understand what values affect the decisions of your target audience.

      Experiential and sampling events will help you gain valuable market research data and also help you understand how your brand interacts with different cultural communities.

If you are looking for ideas for your next multicultural event – take a look at our Portfolio for inspiration. If you are having troubles hashing out your ethnic marketing strategy and executing your multi cultural marketing events — Give us a call  at 647 927 4272 or email us at info[AT]arceventsinc.com

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