Event Marketing Metrics to track

Which event marketing metrics should you be tracking at your next event?

  • Social media engagement

    Be sure to create an event hashtag and track the number of followers that have used your event hashtag. You should also track the increase in the number of social followers after the event takes place.

  • Attendees

    If this is an event that you organized, track the number of attendees that actually show up at the event. Otherwise, if this is a trade show, track the number of attendees that visit your booth. This will help you in evaluating the performance of your marketing efforts and in determining how successful you were in attracting visitors. Also, with this figure, you can decide if you should return to the same event or not.

  • Number of sales or sales leads

    If you were selling products at your event, you will need to track sales to help you measure the success of the event. If you were not selling anything at the event, then you should track the number of new leads generated. How many people signed up for your email newsletter? How many business cards were exchanged with any potential new customers? These are all leads that represent potential business opportunities so they should be carefully tracked after every event.

  • Brand ambassador performance

    Make sure you track the performance of each ambassador on your team.  Evaluate the ambassadors on their sales results, their team work, their marketing efforts, their punctuality and their consistency. This will help you decide which brand ambassador you should rehire for your next event.

  • Feedback

    The most important component once an event ends is gathering feedback from the visitors and the brand ambassadors involved. Get feedback on how the visitors perceived the brand and if there was any disconnect, questions or problems from the visitors. Additionally, equally valuable is the feedback from the brand ambassadors. Be sure to ask them various questions and find out their feedback, you might be surprised to hear what they have to say. Also, ask them if they have any ideas on how the campaign could be improved.

  • Extra costs incurred

    Keep track of any extra costs that were incurred. Compare the actual costs to your budgeted costs so that you can get better at budgeting your costs for your next event.

We always track the above metrics for you and provide you with a breakdown. We deliver the results, the day after the event ends, in a concize report. Give us a call to find out how we can help you in your next event and enable you to reach your goal.

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