Experiential Marketing

Marketing is no longer just about telling consumers what makes you different; it’s about having consumers experience the difference for themselves. Experiential marketing can create emotional bonds between brands and consumers. This involves creating an interactive experience to get consumers talking about your brand. We design a unique, memorable and inspirational experience which gets your consumers talking online and offline about their unique brand experience changing the perception of your brand.

We meet consumers where they live, work and play. We add value to their day to day lives which helps transform consumers from passive targets to passionate advocates who seek out your brand, ask for it by name and share their passion with others. We help transform your brand. We specialize in creating events with a focus on consumer engagement. We create large brand immersive experiences and stunts spanning over multiple cities.

We connect Experiential Marketing with measurable analytics. The most important deliverable in an experiential marketing campaign is getting the RESULTS. Some of our experiential campaigns include :

  • Brand immersive Events
  • Large scale events
  • Guerrilla Stunts


Sampling & Demonstrations

One of the best ways to experience your product is to get in the hands of consumers — not only does everyone get to touch, taste or check out the products; but free samples always get people talking. We provide product sampling and demonstrations with measurable results.

Our approach to market segmentation allows our clients to reach a highly targeted group of consumers further increasing the likelihood of purchase.

We help you create a lasting consumer experience that generates brand loyalty and will also help increase sales. We offer the following:

  • In store Sampling
  • Street Team Sampling
  • Event Sampling
  • Mobile Sampling Tours
  • Product Demonstrations


Ethnic Marketing

We are a full service multicultural marketing agency. We help build bridges between cultures by delivering  strategically driven multicultural marketing solutions specific to your business goals.

Brands resonate differently with different communities.  We do what it takes to help brands reach out to Canada’s ethnic communities and make the sale. We create awareness. We generate trial, trust, relevance and consumer loyalty within the ethnic communities. It’s about making an emotional connection with the ethnic community in such a way that generates offline and online conversations around your brand.

Ethnic communities speak their own language, even if it’s just English. They have deep interests that often cross continents. We leverage our community networks and ethnic traditional and non-traditional media to help you integrate and connect seamlessly with their target audience.

Tactics could include:

  • Developing original creative – TV, radio or print
  • Translation of existing English creative
  • Community outreach
  • Ethnic Media planning and buying
  • Engaging consumers through social media
  • Generating leads at multi cultural events


Digital Marketing

We build result-oriented digital strategies with the main objective of acquiring more customers. Our campaigns are crafted around the three building blocks of digital marketing : Content, Social & Search. One of the solutions we provide is app development; apps can be used during event activation to collect customer information and track results.  Call us for :

  • Website  Design & Development
  • App Development & Customization
  • Social Media Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization