Women’s Day – Gulaab Gang – Ethnic Marketing

Brand Challenges

ARC Events wanted to organize a community event to celebrate everyday heroes – ‘women’!  We wanted to give back to the community by celebrating our community heroes.


ARC Events organized a special event on International Women’s Day presenting speakers from community women heroes about their contributions and why celebrating women is important. After the engaging talk and discussions with the audience, there was a special opening night screening of the Bollywood movie ‘Gulaab Gang‘ that followed. The movie is based on true life events of Sampat Pal Devi, an Indian activist who works for women welfare and empowerment, which tied in well with the Women’s Day community celebration.

ARC Events secured a special cinema screening and contacted the top contributing women of the community and invited them to the screening. Along with the screening, ARC Events also anchored the show and brought limelight to their community efforts. wanted to create a buzz by combining both together and have a free opening night show for women and their family who contribute back to their community.

Featured Services

  • Special movie screening
  • Speaker sessions and audience engagement sessions
  • Social media marketing to attract audience
  • Ethnic marketing including newspapers, radio and TV spots


  • Full house attendance and high engagement from the audience
  • Women and families were delighted by the limelight on their efforts
  • Building a stronger community
  • Movie reviews for the opening night

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