Case Studies: PostMedia – National Post & Toronto Sun – Street Sampling

Brand Challenges

PostMedia is a Canadian news media company representing more than 200 brands across print, online, and mobile platforms. PostMedia wanted to showcase their two popular brands National Post and Toronto Sun across the GTA and they wanted to create a buzz around these brands.


In order to create a buzz, ARC Events Inc. designed and implemented a street team sampling campaign. This sampling campaign took place across various major busy intersections in downtown Toronto throughout summer for over 10 weeks. Our brand ambassadors distributed newspaper copies daily during the peak commute time of 7 am to 9 am.

We designed and printed branded T-shirts that were eye-catching. We researched the footfall at city intersections and determined the busiest city corners so that we could place our brand ambassadors accordingly and use the marketing dollars where the footfall was highest. This street team campaign was the perfect platform to drive trial and brand awareness.

A customized sign-up discount note was designed for the campaign. Our brand ambassadors stuck the customized discount note onto every copy before distribution. This customized discount drove up the subscriber rate and hence increased the sales for the client. The brand ambassadors also engaged in conversations regarding the brand which also helped in increasing the subscription rate.

Featured Services

  • Design & printing of team branding merchandise
  • Research & planning street stops with maximum foot traffic
  • Hiring & Training Street Brand Ambassadors
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Pickup of Newspapers at 2 am daily and delivered at 7 am to all the brand ambassadors at different street locations. Street locations were changed daily.


  •  High energy brand ambassadors that delivered the brand message along with the daily newspaper to help promote the brand and answer any customer questions
  • Regular check up of ambassadors to ensure a smooth operation.
  • 50 live days of Sampling
  • 15,000 samples handed out
  • word of mouth reached
  • 30-60% uplift in sales
  • Toronto Sun -Sampling Campaign - Guerrilla Street Marketing downtown Toronto streets and other busy GTA intersections for over 16 weeks
  • National Post - Sampling Campaign - Guerrilla Street Marketing downtown Toronto streets and other busy GTA intersections for over 16 weeks

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