Case Studies: Globe and Mail Trade Show Sales

Brand Challenges

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s #1 national newspaper. Globe’s challenge was to reach out to those who had never experienced the Globe and Mail before. They wanted to increase their monthly subscriber base and further strength their brand.


ARC Events has been representing The Globe and Mail for the 4th straight year! In order to create a buzz, ARC Events decided to execute an accelerated sales campaign which was designed and executed from start to finish. These campaigns took place at various strategically selected trade shows.

The accelerated sales campaign included researching and recommending trade shows that would attract the intended demographics of Globe. Once the trade shows were booked, the trade show booth design was then finalized. The creatives for the pull out banners, background banner wall, podiums, and flooring were designed and printed. The booth was then set up one day before the trade show started and the tear down was also executed by ARC Events. Most importantly, we hired and trained the best sales associates for this sales campaign which ensured that we not only met but exceeded the sales expectations at the trade show.

Extensive brand materials kept brand visibility high throughout the trade show event. Large touch screen kiosks helped in attracting customers and adding an interactive experience for the customers. Live demonstrations of all the exclusive subscriber features helped in convincing customers to sign up right away. Not only that, we also offered on-site event incentives to those who subscribed during the event, making it an offer that the customers could not refuse.

There was no old school sign up sheets that were used for the sign-up process instead, we used tablets to speed up the sign-up process.  We were able to authenticate the customer and their delivery address using tablets. Additionally, technology help in speeding up the sign-up process but it also helped in providing up to the minute sign up volume details to the client.

Featured Services  

  • Researched and recommended trade shows according to demographics
  • Booth Design included everything from background to flooring design to kiosk design
  • Booth Set up and Tear Down
  • Marketing Collateral Design and Print
  • Customized Booth Kiosk, set up and delivery
  • Recruited experienced sales associates & Trained them for the client brand
  • Photo Booth Set up in order to increase social media impressions

 Trade Shows Attended over past 4 years


  • Increase in monthly subscriptions sold
  • Increase in monthly revenue
  • Additionally, customer service provided to existing customer base.
  • 500+ conversations
  • 200% sales uplift

  • Globe & Mail - Experiential Marketing Campaign Set up with Touch Screen Monitors
  • Globe & Mail - Accelerated Sales Campaign - Vancouver Home & Design Show - Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Globe & Mail - Accelerated Sales Campaign - GTA Home & Reno Show - Toronto International Centre
  • Globe & Mail - Accelerated Sales Campaign - Women's Show - Metro Toronto Convention Centre



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