Executive Sales Recruitment

Brand Challenges

Our client (name kept confidential) was facing a challenge hiring top performing sales person with a current book of business.


ARC Events Inc. specializes in recruiting high performing sales executives with a free replacement guarantee. We talked with people in the industry to find out the top performers.  Once we had a list generated, we then cold-called the top candidates to inform them about the enticing opportunity. We used our own in-house call centre services to cold call candidates. We do not rely on just posting the job ad to generate excellent candidates. We only deliver the best high-quality candidates which might not even be looking for a change from their current jobs.

Featured Services

  • Executive Sales Recruitment
  • Cold calling top performing candidates using our in-house call centre resources
  • Free replacement guarantee – less risk for the client
  • Hire experienced successful candidates with a book of business


  • Successfully recruited top performing sales executives in a short period of time




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