Bollywood Concert – Sukhwinder Singh – Ethnic Marketing

Brand Challenge

ARC Events wanted to self-produce and execute a large-scale event in order to make a statement in the event industry and showcase their ability to handle large-scale events. ARC Events decided to execute a Bollywood concert across 3 Canadian cities and was involved in every step from start to finish.


ARC Events produced the entire concert and took care of all the logistics. From artist management, event sponsorship outreach, marketing, concert production, logistics and all the way to stage management.

We created a huge buzz by reaching out to the Oscar-winning voice Sukhwinder Singh and showcasing him at the concerts in 3 Canadian cities using ethnic marketing strategies as well as social media marketing.

We also took care of the visas of the artist and his crew. Their accommodation, food, and travel were all covered by ARC Events. The sound and light production was managed by ARC Events.

We also had a Bollywood dance flash mob at various malls to generate a buzz for the concert. A press conference was conducted where ARC sent press releases and invited various media outlets for a special meeting with the artist in order to generate further buzz.

Throughout the entire concert, ARC events hosted the show and also had back up dance crew that were dancing on stage while the artist and his crew were singing. We put special emphasis on the event production and ensured that the music, lighting, fog effects, sound, etc. were all working in conjunction. Overall, concert-goers had an amazing time.

Sponsorship outreach across the 3 cities was also implemented using our own in-house call centre services.

Featured Services

  • Marketing on various ethnic media – newspapers, radios, ethnic TV channels
  • Budget of over $250K in 3 different cities – Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver
  • Marketing collateral design and printed
  • Social media marketing – Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads, Google Adsense to market the event
  • TV and Radio media spots designed and produced by ARC Events Inc itself
  • Sponsorship Reach Out Campaigns using in-house call centre services
  • Press Releases submitted to various ethnic newspaper sources
  • Artist and Crew Management
  • Sound Management
  • Stage Management
  • Crew Management


  • The event was well received by the South Asian community across 3 cities.
  • Large-scale event well executed and well planned
  • Various types of marketing enabled in increasing the number of concert goers
  • Large Experiential Concert with Bollywood Singer- Budget of over $250,000 - across Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary
  • Large Experiential Concert with Bollywood Singer- Budget of over $250,000 - across Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary
  • Truth Builds Trust
  • Truth Builds Trust



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