Accelerated Sales

Retail & Trade Shows

Our brand ambassadors are customer acquisition specialists.  We are both Sales and Branding experts resulting in an increased brand value and acceleration of your sales. We close the sale and help you acquire customers. We create lasting experiences with measurable results. Our energetic, vibrant and tech savvy Brand Ambassadors always have the right look and knowledge of your brand and are experts in delivering key messaging and acquiring new customers.

Call us for:

  • Retail In-Store
  • Trade Shows
  • Sponsorship Activation
  • Conferences
  • Guerrilla Street Teams
  • Flash Mobs
  • Product Launches
  • Product Demos
  • Promotional Tours
  • Mascots
  • Event Staffing

Contact Centre Solutions

Make a great first impression by using our professional contact centre solutions which set the tone for the entire customer-brand relationship. Both inbound and outbound solutions are one of the most effective ways of customer acquisition and improving your company’s reputation. We provide targeted solutions that will increase your sales and market your brand to a wider range of customers. We provide the following solutions to raise your company’s bottom line:

  • Sales  – hard-sell or soft-sell sales calls
  • Lead Generation & Qualification
  • Win-back campaigns
  • Welcome calls
  • Inside Sales
  • Cross-selling/Up-selling
  • Customer Service
  • Order Taking
  • Appointment Booking
  • Verification Calls

We can provide the following solutions that best serve your requirements:

  • On-Shore
  • Near-Shore
  • Off-Shore

Sales Talent Recruitment

We specialize in hunting out the top talented salespeople that are the right fit for your business. We discuss your business, how it works, its culture and values and vet all our candidates accordingly – so that we only present the best to you. We help you hire quickly and efficiently. We focus exclusively on revenue generating talent including – Sales Reps, Account Executives,  Sales Managers, Sales Director, Head of Sales and VP Sales. We work on a retainer basis and can help you hire:

  • Permanent Hires
  • Short Term Staffing